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Ruki Makino: The Greatest Tamer

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Ruki's Profile

The Girl Up Close

Ruki Makino is the tough, full-of-attitude tamer in the third season of Digimon. She is a tomboy and doesn't like anything girly, like skirts and dresses. She seems to only be interested in being the best at the Digimon Card Game and being a Digimon Tamer, and believes everyone else will just bring her down. Which is probably why she doesn't have very many friends at the beginning of the series.

Ruki is un-like any female digidestined before her. She has an attitude and enjoys fighting. She thinks of Digimon more as a tool for fighting than as real creatures. Her digimon partner is Renamon. Ruki is also a genius girl who has won the championship in digimon card game rally. Through the people and digimon around her, Ruki learns the meaning of friendship and kindness.

At the very beginning of it all, Ruki has a really cold attitude and treats people as if she was the best, and everyone else was lower than her. She acts pretty much indifferent about everything, except her own abilities at fighting and training Digimon. She often pushes people away and is not really close to anyone.

She seems quite lonely. She lives with her mother and grandmother, and doesn't appear to have a father. Her mother and grandmother obviously care about her, but I don't think she really understands that at first, considering her mother is so very different from her in many ways. I mean, her mom is a model; fashion, make-up, skirts, dresses, the whole works. And the opposite of Ruki. So she ends up acting pretty cold towards her mom. Her grandmother is pretty nice and all, but she can't just spend all of her time around her family, especially when there's no one else her age around.

She goes to a private school (probably very high-class, considering her family is quite well off due to her mother being a famous model and all) which she doesn't seem to enjoy. She acts like she doesn't care about any of her classmates, and at the end of the day, she's walking back home alone. In fact, we don't really see her hanging out with anybody.

Not humans, anyway. There's always Renamon, but you could hardly call Renamon her friend since Ruki appears to be only interested in the yellow, fox-like Digimon for her abilities in battle. She treats Digimon as data, and data only, and how could you possibly befriend data?

But luckily, there has always been an undertone in the Digimon series, and of course, this underlying theme is friendship. This is where Takato and Lee come in.

When the two boys first show up, Ruki doesn't think very much of them. I mean, she was way better than them, right? She didn't need them around, even if they had their own Digimon partners. They would just get in her way. Right? Wrong! In fact, she probably learns a lot more from them (and Renamon, too) than she could ever learn in school. A lot more in terms of life lessons, anyway.

These two are the first ones who manage to break through her walls and become friends with her. Of course, Renamon was there too, and I'm sure the other Tamers had some sort of an affect on her (especially Ryo), but Takato and Lee were the first ones. This is really important, because finally she's opening herself up to others. The metaphorical opening is just a little crack, but it's still there. Now that she's with her newfound friends, she's really beginning to change.


Just Some Info

Also Known as: Rika Nonaka

Age (Japanese Version): 10

Age (Dubbed Version): 13

Family: Mother and Grandmother.

Digimon: Renamon

D-Arc Color: Blue



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